Sports Beercade

Host to over 150 beers,

30 screens of entertainment,

Pinball, Pool, & Foosball!

Ages 21 and over, please.


Buzz-Bucks Legal

1. Redemption. Buzz-Bucks are only redeemable toward eligible goods and products sold by SF BuzzWorks.  Buzz-Bucks may be only be used for up to their face value, and can only be spent in person, the same way you would use a gift certificate. Buzz Bucks are NOT fungible, and must be used for their full face value every time they are spent  No change will be given in cash, credit, or in any other form. If the value of goods rendered at time of redemption is less than the value of the Buzz-Bucks spent, the remainder is forfeit. If the total purchase price exceeds the face value of the Buzz Bucks, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method, such as Cash or Credit Card. Buzz-Bucks have ZERO gratuity value, and are not applicable for taxes on merchandise. 

2. Limitations.

Buzz-Bucks may only be used in person at SF BuzzWorks which is located at 365 11th street, San Francisco CA 94103. BuzzWorks will not exchange larger face value Buzz-Bucks into lower denominations of Buzz-Bucks.  There are no digital Buzz-Bucks and Buzz-Bucks are not Bitcoins. They are not on the block chain and cannot be spent online for the purchases of merchandise or other Buzz-Bucks on the or websites. 

3. Risk of Loss.

Buzz-Bucks are tangible and your responsibility, to be considered like and treated the same as Cash.  BuzzWorks is not responsible if any Buzz Bucks are lost, stolen, or destroyed or if your Buzz-Bucks are used without your permission. SF BuzzWorks considers all its Buzz-Buck a form of acceptable tender on applicable products and always the property of the bearer. At the bearer’s discretion, you may gift or trade your Buzz-Bucks with whomever you wish. Unlike the beer they get you at BuzzWorks, Buzz-Bucks are not intended for direct consumption, and any such use will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions.   

4. Buzz-Bucks Terms and Conditions.

Having Buzz-Bucks in your possession does not guarantee you admission into Buzz-Works or service at the bar.   We reserve the right to void any and all your Buzz-Bucks at our discretion should we be officially notified by law Enforcement that the serial numbers associated with them were reported as stolen property, or are part of an ongoing criminal investigation.   If we suspect that your Buzz-Bucks were obtained in a shady or unlawful manner, we reserve the right to confiscate your Buzz-Bucks and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.     Any Buzz-Buck we deem as being counterfeit, cloned, duplicated or Not Authentic in nature, as not having been produced or licensed by BuzzWorks Inc, will be confiscated without recourse – so Please Only buy your Buzz-Bucks directly from Buzz-Works, directly from their website, or from an official and registered distributor or outlet listed here.