Sports Beercade

Host to over 150 beers,

30 screens of entertainment,

Pinball, Pool, & Foosball!

Ages 21 and over, please.


BuzzWorks for YOU!

You are the star of the show at BuzzWorks. We are constantly striving to make your experience better. In order to best serve you, and to reward you for your support, we recommend joining our loyalty club.

Nuts & Bolts

How does it work?

  • You buy a beer at BuzzWorks - you earn points.
  • You recommend a beer for BuzzWorks to carry - you earn points.
  • You drink the beer that you voted for - you earn points.
  • You Check-in @BuzzWorks on 4Square - you earn points.
  • You Tweet about us (@SFBuzzWorks) - you earn points.
  • You tag us in a post on Facebook - you earn points.

OK, I've got points. How do I redeem them?

  • Points can be redeemed for BuzzBucks, which can be spent at BuzzWorks.
  • Selection of a specific sports program to be screened at BuzzWorks.
  • Selection of a beer for BuzzWorks to feature on tap.
  • Gaming Table Reservations.
  • Loyalty Club Private Events.
  • VIP privileges.

What else do you have for me?

Joining the program will allow us to select the best beer for you. Due to the nature of our ever-rotating selection of beer, we can look back to what beers you've liked and select the perfect beer from our current list.