Sports Beercade

Host to over 150 beers,

30 screens of entertainment,

Pinball, Pool, & Foosball!

Ages 21 and over, please.


Vlad Cood

Born in 1969 in Kiev Ukraine, as the only son of Jewish Family that immigrated to US in 1974 to escape 

persecution and follow the American Dream. An Eagle Scout and High School Senior Class President, Vlad earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from San Jose State. He somehow had time to be the Delta Sigma Phi President & a Founding Member of Order of Omega Chapter at SJSU. 


Uniquely applied my engineering disciplines and social organization talents to my passion for entertainment by engaging in the production side of special events while still in college. After amassing considerable experience and a reputation for producing trend setting special events, concerts, festivals and various other productions, I took an active role in ownership interests and operations of dance clubs and event venues in 1995 and have been since. Over the recent years I have liquidated and consolidated these minority partnership interests in other ventures and establishments in order to re-focus on my exclusive projects and business endeavors. BuzzWorks is the first one of such with several more in the works.


Owner-Operator of the Butter Bar – Opened in 1999. Butter is the most loved and recognized Party Bar and Junk Food Restaurant in town. A True San Francisco Institution, having more national press and international publicity then 99% of all other SF Bar-Restaurants. 


Whisper Ultra Lounge: Managing Member – Owner – Operator. Trendsetting Night Club and boutique  Restaurant opened in 2002 as a 15,000 sq ft indoor and outdoor venue on 4 separate levels. Whisper  defined the emerging trend in upscale ultra lounge nightclubbing. Whisper had over 80 employees, multiple managers and several business partners. 


Feel Good Entertainment: Owner – Executive Producer. Considered one of the most influential, grassroots and trailblazing pioneer of the American Rave Culture. Established in 1989 and actively produced technologically groundbreaking and culturally defining dance-music concerts and festivals on the West Coast and dominating the Northern California market. Feel Good defined a cultural evolution of the electronic dance music frontier throughout the 90’s and into the mid 2000’s. On the scene since day one, setting the pulse and creating the trends that have become the status quo for today’s dance and nightclubbing entertainment industry. It all started here. 


Home Base: Operated by Feel Good form 1996 to 2000. I had the Master Lease on a 150,000 sqft  warehouse where I produced 200 of the most infamous events that defined the entire Rave Culture. Ranging in size from 5,000 to 25,000 attendees on a monthly and bi-monthly bases, each event being bigger and better then the last... for 5 straight years, with over 300 employees and staff. A monumental and notorious establishment that will maintain it immortal and infamous status as the place where the Massive EDC movement was born. 


Feel Good also Produced hundreds of one-off events and thousands of recurring Night Club events at Concert Venues, Festival Grounds, County Fairgrounds, and landmark SF Establishments such as The Maritime hall with 3 weekly event from 2000-2001 and the Hotel Ibiza from 2001-2002. Consultation Practice: 


Because the Majority of the current owners and producers of entertainment events and venues in the SF marketplace were introduced to the industry by attending my events, I have been constantly sought out by my peers to consult and assist in their projects. Most all the current club owners in SF were at one point promoters for my events or associate producers who I established. I have been a part of everything that has ever happened in this industry in both political and commercial level, being involved in many different ventures and groundbreaking legislation to support the industry. Throughout the 90’s I was the voice of the industry and still retain the respect as the gold standard in the SF market. I review business plans and consult on various startups and remodels of most the SF based venues as well as across the country. 


I am the Co-CEO and Director of Project Development at San West Inc, A publically Traded Company on the OTC marketplace that specializes in selling imported power and motor sport vehicles through its multiple online ecommerce platforms which I designed and launched. I am a majority stockholder in the company. As example see: You can Google my name for corroboration.