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4/20 Controlled Beer Dispense Fest! Blaze on down to BuzzWorks!

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All this week, we will be putting on special beers in honor of our favorite holiday. We are featuring 7 Controlled Beer Dispense Beers and some other specialties! Check back often for the ever-growing list. The festivities start at 3pm and we'll have a special surprise at 4:20pm!

All of these beers will be on tap on 4/20!

Some will be available before, or like, whenever we get to it.

Dogfish Head - Flesh & Blood with a surprising addition!

Black Hammer - Toke Back Mountain

Faction - Crosby, Stills, & Hash

Sixpoint - Resin

Black Hammer - Blucid Dream

"One of our favorite creations in our line of CBD beers will have you feeling no pain in no time. Loads of Mosaic hops keep this IPA with a bit of a kick BlucidDream boasts a medium body, just the right amount of blueberry and an ever so sweet finish. Nothing is going to harsh your vibe with a Blucid Dream in hand."


Lagunitas - Waldo's Special


Harmonic - Uncle Snoop


Black Hammer - Paul Sigh Melon


Fieldwork - Nug Champa

Nug Champa is our once a year Double IPA to be released leading up to the ever so important holiday on April 20th. Not to be out of theme, this beer is a veritable head shop in a glass; smelling like a truckload of marijuana crossing state lines. Freshly trimmed pot leaves, sticky resin, and underlying notes of tangerine peel and coconut leave this beer with a complex hop profile that changes and morphs with the temperature. Exceedingly dry for its size, with simple notes of honey covered biscuits coming from the malt, Nug Champa Double IPA is deceptive in iits size and will leave you forgetting it isn't your run of the mill IPA. 'Cause you know, it certainly wasn't anything else causing that short-term memory loss. Hops: Columbus, Eureka, Fieldwork Dank Blend.

Barebottle - Duster Posey


Fieldwork - Sour Diesel

Tart Hoppy Saison! Inspired by a trip to a world-renowned horticultural competition in Amsterdam in 2004, Sour Diesel is a Tart Hoppy Saison with a hefty dry hop putting off assertive ganja and grapefruit aromas. As the thick hop aroma sets the tone for your palate, there is an initial shock at the sour nature of the first sip. Slowly as you work your way through the glass, the tart acidic nature of Sour Diesel marries with the bright grapefruit notes of the hops, which in turn bridges the gap to the dank resinous hop character intially delivered. Much like its cannabaceae namesake, our Sour Diesel is best enjoyed with friends while lying out in Vondelpark; or in our case, with friends at BuzzWorks!  Hops: Amarillo, Columbus, Fieldwork Dank Blend.

Henhouse - Cascade Super Heavy

 zero-IBU Pale Ale. The return of our first zero-IBU Pale Ale for the first use of our 2017 harvest Cascade. New dry-hopping regimen exudes maximum orange, cocktail bitters, sweet tea and delight.

Track 7 - Panic


Black Hammer - Pineapple Excess

New England Style IPA with refreshing notes of pineapple and 5mg of CBD per 10oz serving. Amarillo and Chinook hops. Inquire about availability! 


Anderson Valley - Bright Lighter


Ghost Town - Coffin Juice (Coughin' Juice?)

Hazy IPA! Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Equinox
Notes: pineapple, Mango, orange zest


Federation - La Motita

"Celebrate 4/20 this year with La Motita, a session IPA (4.20% ABV--get it? GET IT?) made with cannabis terpenes, available for delivery on 4/19. Terpenes are the non-psychoactive compound that gives cannabis its distinctive aroma. Put simply, this beer hella smells like weed. Not, like, "Oh, what a pleasant sweet piney nose," but, like, "Damn, Snoop and Willy are having a party in this glass." This is a very limited release, so get your order in soon!"


Black Hammer - Toke Back to the Future 2

"Our latest American Pale Ale starts with ripe orange aromas, followed by a breeze of papaya, Meyer lemon and faint notes of fir. A thick, creamy head keeps form and structure just long enough to eventually part and reveal a beautiful burnt orange, opaquely hazy beer bursting with flavor. You'll discover a slightly creamy mouthfeel, complemented by tiny persistent bubbles to beef up the body on all the juicy goodness that is about to envelop your taste buds. Don't worry Mcfly, your palate isn't about to take a punch to face; it's getting a slow, well-deserved, long, citrus-laced kiss. You'll want to slow dance with this fallen angel all night because it will have you feeling as fly as McFly in two shakes of a Dolorean. 5mg of CBD per 10oz serving and Headband Terpenes."

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