Special Events

Host All your events at BuzzWorks!

Any event is possible at BuzzWorks, from a simple reservation to a full buyout. BuzzWorks is a versatile event space which can be customized to make your event truly special. In addition to our normal day-to-day operation, we are super flexible:

  • Complete Audio & Visual Control
  • 24-hour availabilty (however, we cannot serve alcohol between 2AM-6AM)
  • In-House & External Food Programs
  • Large Capacity with Open Floor Plan
  • Discounts for large groups.
  • Unbelievable Monday-Friday daytime rates!

BuzzWorks is a full service restaurant – and we offer the following options for eating here:

Our In-House Food Menu

We serve a variety of price-conscious & satisfying food offering from our own kitchen. You can see our menu here. If you’d like to pre-order our food, just email us a list of which items you’d like.

Outside Catering

BuzzWorks has a variety of caterers at its disposal, and we can put together any style cuisine for most reasonable budgets! As simple as $10 to as lavish as $100 per person depending on how simple or elaborate you want to go. All catering packages are custom tailored to your desires and are subject to a 20% service charge and a cleanup fee depending on the size of your group. 

Our most popular catering service is the “Pizza Picnic” delivered from DNA Pizza next door.    Offerings include:

  •  Chicken Wings & Nuggets
  • Fries & Tots
  • Individual or Large Salads
  • Sandwiches & Wraps
  • And of course, custom hand tossed Pizza’s.   

It’s a no frills paper plate self-serve setup. If you’re interested in this service, you can check out the DNA menu on this page, and ordering is as simple as emailing us a list of which items you’d like, and we will bring them to your table at the time you specify.   

All advance catering orders for DNA Pizza services require that you provide us your credit card authorization. Your card will be charged for the full amount of your pre-order earlier the day when the order is placed.  There can be no refund on DNA pre-orders for last-minute reservation cancellations. All such orders for groups larger than 8 people, and/or more than $60 dollars are subject to a 20% service charge.     


Let’s face it, restaurants make money selling food.   Few places in SF will allow you to bring your own food into their establishment and eat it like it’s your own living room. We are just such a rare place. If you wish to place an order from a licensed restaurant, using any such app such as but not limited to: grubhub, postmates, eat24, uberEats, etc. and have your favorite restaurants food delivered here for you to enjoy, that’s ok with us. However, we will apply a nominal surcharge of $1/per menu item ordered. 

Of course, this excludes hot soup. Please don’t bring that to BuzzWorks. Please notify the bar staff that you intend to order, and the number of items in your order, so we can add the correct surcharge to your tab.     

Brown bagging it.

If you wish to carry in your own bag lunch, or purchase food at the SF Street Food Court, or the local taco truck to bring it here and eat at BuzzWorks, we cannot be held responsible for what any such food of unknown origin and preparation may do to you.   For all outside food that you carry in (or even prepare) personally, we will need you to fill out a small release form that states that we had nothing to do with it, and that you, and anyone else that you shared your food with, hold BuzzWorks harmless. Of course, you will need to pay us $1/item for any food you bring in here.     

Birthday Cakes: NO. Cup Cakes & Cookies: YES!!!

Let’s just say that we don’t like the idea of a large frosted platter cake, wielding a sharp machete size knife to cut into small messy pieces, that get passed around everywhere on flimsy little paper plates, which have a tendency to fall on the floor, resulting in sugary frosting tracked all over the building on the bottoms of people's shoes for us to clean up later. Not to mention that birthday candles are a no-go here, because of some sort of ‘Open Flame’ licensing from the fire department that we don’t want to file for. Unless you would like to pay a $50 cleaning fee to bring in your frosted platter cake… then you should consider going with cup cakes, cookies, or individually packaged brownies which are cleaner, more hygienically suitable, and fun for everyone!   

A few MORE things about Desserts to please consider.  

1.  We have a $1/item outside food surcharge, so bring enough cookies or cupcakes to serve each person in your party.    

2.  Please let us know in advance that you will be bringing outside desert products with you and the commercial bakery that baked or prepared them.    If your desert is home baked, you will need you to fill out a release form.    

3.   Even though prop 64 made cannabis legal, it is NOT permitted here. Please Do NOT bring ‘special’ or 'edible' products onto these premises, either by buying it or by baking cannabis into your foods. If and when we spot it (and we will spot it), your entire group will be asked to leave immediately.  Let's all avoid such an embarrassing situation, please. Thanks for your understanding!


BuzzWorks Management & Staff